Holly Springs Family Photographer - The Trouble With Boys

Being a family photographer here in Holly Springs I am often photographing other children's uh-oh moments. This week we had ANOTHER visit to the ER and my camera just happened to be in my purse..... where it always is. Now I know most mothers would not be thinking about taking pictures of a child in the ER,  but the photographer in me just had to snap a few once I knew he was okay. After all I do love telling stories and my youngest certainly gives me plenty of opportunities to capture real moments.

I used to think I was so lucky to have boys because girls were so much drama - I was more than glad to avoid that. However as the boys have gotten older I am still thrilled to be a "Boymom" but I have discovered I traded drama for ER Trips, stitches and staples.

2 weeks ago my smallest, we call the Honey Badger, got struck in the head my a miniature 5 iron by his big brother - this was while we had our own family photographer in town shooting a day in the life session for us. That resulted in one staple in his head. So you can imagine by nerves when just 13 days later we are driving the 3 year old back to the hospital after falling off a stool and busting his chin open. This is our 3rd ER trip with him. His first trauma was at 2 years old when he fell up our stairs and his teeth went through his tongue - completely.

Luckily for me on this trip there were no stitches - just a big band-aid. Lucky for the boys they always give them popsicles after the trip. I cannot say enough good things about the hospital in Apex and their staff - they are always super sweet to the boys and take good care of my boys....and let's face it at this point I am probably going to know them all by name. 

It is times like these I am glad I am a photographer so I can capture all of the moments- the good, the bad and the scary. One day as they look at their memory books they will enjoy seeing these moments. All moments matter. 

BTW, any mommas out there that can feel me with my adorable husband focused on the television. :) 

Pray for me - the pool opens today!

Just waiting and watching cartoons - perhaps I should start re-using these bracelets to conserve.
holly-springs-family-photographer trip to apex ER
He is way to comfortable at the Apex ER. Holly Springs Family Photographer
Thank goodness there were interesting things to watch outside to help with the long wait. Holly Springs Family Photographer
He bounces back fast which is how he was nicknamed the Honey Badger - he's tough.
Eating their popsicles
Popsicles and cartoons while we wait for discharge papers.
Thank goodness all we needed was a band-aid
He's an amazing big brother.
holly-springs-family-photographer trip to apex ER