Time Together | Holly Springs, NC

Dear Addie,

Our new "normal" (or at least for the next week and a half) is you, me, and a somewhat quiet house.

Clara and Gabe have started school, and with daddy off to here and there for work - it leaves you with my undivided attention. There is just a little time left before we turn the page & you will be our big kindergarten girl!

In the meantime, I will watch you line up your little people, only to banish a few to the toilet...yes, the toilet. (Side note: since potty training you've discovered if you really want to make something disappear - you flush it!) I will save them from sudden death, sanitize them and reintroduce them to the pack later...

You will ask for 5 grapes and 1 carrot multiple times a day. Lining them up in different locations around the house, before finally eating the carrot and then trying to feed me your warm, dirty grapes. Yum.

We will run the dishwasher, but it will take way longer than it should, because you like to interrupt the cycle opening the door to feel the steam. I kind of like that too... Ahhh warm steam on your face is relaxing...

We will "read" a book or two. Where you will stay next to me for only a moment before moving to sit elsewhere. Although not looking at me, you haven't left the room so I know you are still interested and listening - just taking it in on your terms. That's cool, no worries!


We will swing, climb, and run...until mama is worn out!

I love these moments together my dear. I love being with you, and I love learning your ways. You are special and I am lucky that you are mine.

Very soon you too will start school and on that day (just like Clara and Gabe) you will look a little older to me. A new chapter will begin. All new adventures. All new challenges.

So today, let's enjoy the fact that it takes hours to run the dishwasher, because soon the steam will have no one to play with.