Splish Splash That's A Wrap!

Dear Addie,

That’s a wrap baby girl! This weekend we celebrated the end of your first Miracle League season with all your baseball buddies! While the list of the day's events was sure to satisfy everyone involved, from a home run derby, burgers from Hwy 55, and dunk tanks for the coaches – one unexpected addition was mother nature’s April showers in May!

With the risk of downpours threatening the festivities, the league decided to proceed with the day only canceling the home run derby. You certainly didn’t mind - bring on the burgers and dunk tank!

Now it’s no secret you struggled a bit with this whole team sports adventure, making your displeasure heard by just about everyone. The easy solution for us would’ve been pulling you out, but the easy way isn’t always the right way. With the continuous, loving support of your coaches, we remained committed and you stuck it out like a champ! Remember Addie, sometimes it just takes some exposure and time before you become comfortable with new things. I’ve personally witnessed this with the past 3 years of Special Olympics, and I bet next year you walk right in like the MVP!

So, with no game to be played today and the rain not letting up - you were beyond pleased with this turn of events! As your fan club (Clara, Gabe, daddy and I) stood huddled under an umbrella you happily jumped and splashed in any puddle you could find! You LOVE rain, and mud even more! Add cheeseburgers to that and it’s an absolutely perfect day in your eyes.

this week 3.JPG

Patiently waiting in line to get your cheeseburger, your dear friend Lil arrived! Now we haven’t seen Lil in what seems like forever!!!! With Clara and Gabe’s Spring soccer schedule resulting in us switching our therapy days and both of you being in different age divisions for baseball, it was definitely hit or miss if you saw each other. Lil had arrived a little disappointed because she loves nothing more than to play the game, but as soon as she saw you she yelled "Addie" smiled and ran straight over to give you a big hug! You not always using your words to communicate your feelings, happily began stimming and jumping showing us you were equally as excited to see her!

While we were all excited to see Lil, we even got the opportunity to see her take home the top prize for charitable donations to Miracle League raising over $2000! Way to go Lil!

With the coaches dunked, burgers eaten, trophies given and more than just a little bit wet, it was time for us to head back home.

Ad, I know this season wasn’t easy for you, but you did it. We could not be prouder of the progress you are making, and we can’t wait to see what’s in store next season!

Way to go baby girl!





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