One Day

Dear Addie,

This week it was all about our One Team, One Dream family motto, and while we were supporting those within our autism community this was only indirectly about you my dear.

Allow me to explain.

It started with our beloved autism camp, Camp Bluebird, which is part of 3 Bluebird’s Farm in Holly Springs, NC. Not only do they host an amazing summer camp for you (even track-out camps for others), but they are also home to a group called the “Take Flight Club” consisting of teens with autism. This particular group gives autistic teens opportunities to get together in different settings, not only to have fun as friends or give back to our community, but also to work on those all important social skills that so many individuals with autism struggle with. Remember that whole ”exposure is key” advice ;)? Well that's lifelong advice for this journey.

Now you might be thinking, what does a teen autism group have to do with you at 8 years old? The answer is nothing... yet.

You see Ad, you may one day be part of this amazing group. Traveling within our community making friends, having fun, working on your social skills - surely stealing hearts with your infectious smile, and while you’re not there yet, others are. Which brings me to our family and how we ended up with this amazing group of teens and spending time with them over the weekend.

Now it's easy to identify you as the the MVP of our journey, but the fact remains we are one team and are all walking this path together. The special needs community is now woven into all of us. Whether we are directly affected or not, our hearts will always be ever present here. So when we heard that volunteers were needed to assist 3 Bluebird’s Farm Take Flight Club with an event at the Windsor Point Retirement Community - we didn’t hesitate to offer our help with whatever was needed!


Now seeing you were too young to join this time, you stayed back for a little daddy/Addie day, while Clara, Gabe and I went ahead to help out.


Eager and ready to help, we wasted no time jumping straight to work! (But seriously it was hardly work and more fun than anything else). We assisted in making flower arrangements for everyone,


and supported take flight members in delivering flowers & sugar-free candy to the residents while working on proper social greetings and even making some small conversation.

You know what Ad, they did awesome!

This my dear was truly an amazing amazing day and we even made a few new friends in the retirement community that we have already been back to see!

So how is this about you my sweets?


One day (far too soon) you will be a teenager.

One day this may be exposure you will greatly benefit from.

One day there may be another mother of a young son or daughter with autism volunteering her time. She may show up with her anxiety and fear hidden behind a smile of the uncertain future for her child that seems to come with the territory of this journey. One day that mother may be just as excited as I was that this opportunity exists and hopeful at the potential progress her child will make after watching how amazing all these young adults did.

One day Ad, one day.

For places like 3 Bluebird's Farm we and so many others are forever grateful not only for everything they do - from education, to fighting for the future of our autism community, but also for giving us the opportunity to help out and gain a glimpse of what ”one day” might look like for us.


One day Ad, one day.