A Sense Of Belonging

Dear Addie,


This week we celebrated one of my favorite times of the year - Halloween! Ah yes, when you all head out to gather mommy sweet treats... Oh, I mean to get to enjoy the thrill of going door to door trick or treating!  If you ever wondered where your sweet tooth came from, look no further than yours truly.

Halloween is generally based around dressing up and becoming something other than yourself. I know Clara and Gabe can spend weeks, even months perfecting their ideas and costumes all for this 2-hour window of fun that comes but only once a year.


With so many sensory challenges, costumes have never really been a huge hit for you. Our goal for you is always to find something that is as close to actual clothing as humanly possible.


Now not having had raving success in years past with this holiday centered around gathering free candy, we crossed our fingers and hoped for the best that maybe this year would be different. You know what Addie, it was, just not like we had expected.

Sticking to our usual Addie Halloween action plan, we had planned on only visiting a few of our close neighbor’s houses. If I'm being honest, there is the comfort of familiar faces for you, and less explanation for us if it all goes array.

Addie, we have the best neighbors on the planet hands down - just an FYI. In the laundry list of awesome things about them, they prepared some very special “Addie trick or treat bags” with all your favorite things in them! Plenty of yummy pink squares and yes, one even had an onion in it! Score!


First house up, and it was very apparent that you were still struggling with the concept of all this. You see my dear, you think that if we are going to someone’s house, surely we are there to go inside. So, the idea of going to someone’s door, only for them to open it, and for you to say a magic phrase and viola - candy!

Every other kid’s dream makes no sense to you. In fact, you even tried to give back your bucket of treats as if it was a peace offering for you to force your way into our next-door neighbor’s house! I think it's safe to say you can rule out a future in door to door sales!

A couple more houses, and a couple more meltdowns. It was time to head on back home to try our hand at passing out candy. That was until you saw the swarms of kids heading from house to house gleefully walking and running along.

You started stimming with excitement!

When you made your way back to our house and we attempted to redirect you to the front porch, it quickly resulted in a meltdown of frustration. Mommy and daddy not being mind readers (I know surprising), we took you inside and gave you sometime to calm down to find your words. Once calm, you finally said “daddy walk yes.” You wanted to go out and walk with all the kids.

In a holiday where we thrive off of being different, you just wanted to be the same.

So back out you went.  You and daddy went to walk with the masses of children.  Addie, you never mastered the art of trick or treating.  You just want to open the doors and enter everyone's home.  But you did have fun feeling like just one of the kids! We were very proud and happy for you.


So, this Halloween was different. Living a life where your differences are consistently at the forefront, you were able to feel maybe little less different, and more like everyone else if only for this night.

Happy Halloween baby girl.