365 Opportunities

Dear Addie,

This week we welcomed another new beginning to our journey! That’s right baby girl - It’s 2019! Happy New Year!

With all the excitement of what’s to come, it’s always nice to look back on what was.

We had another amazing year. Filled with familiar endless research on my part - surely I should be a scholar by now? Successes, milestones and struggles all seemingly peppered with lessons along the way.

Between Clara, Gabe and yourself, you all stumbled into some sort of 2018 growth spurt! Clearly I missed the memo here and I’m quite sure I’m on track to be the shortest in the family now. Big sister Clara even has to reach things on high shelves for me these days! Can you believe that?!?! But it’s all good, while I may have missed the growth memo I did however win a new set of fancy luggage! It’s perfectly stored under each of my eyes (insert a healthy dose of sarcasm) - yep we’re all a bit tired.

All joking aside, I feel blessed that I can give so much to you all (even if it means being a little... ok a lot tired)! My family, my friends, my job, I love it all. One day I will be far less needed and relish in taking a mid-afternoon nap, which I will happily do. It’s all good sweet girl, mama's tired it comes with the territory, but I’m happy.

With a new year comes New Year's resolutions. Kind of a big word huh?! Resolutions.

Well, not only is it a big word, but it’s kind of a big thing for a lot of people. In definition it’s a firm decision to do or not to do something. People will put all their eggs in one basket on something to carry through for 365 days. Most often those eggs (or resolutions) look like self-awareness, losing weight, or eating healthy. All great things no doubt! Now fast forward to the end of January and they’ve cheated or somehow failed in their resolution inevitably deciding scrambled eggs taste great and maybe next year it’ll all work out. Num num num num num.

Here’s the thing Ad, wherever your story began, New Year's always seems like a great spot to turn the page for a new chapter. A fresh start, if you will. Hence the resolutions.

I read something the other day that welcomed the new year as 365 new opportunities - I thought that was such a cool way to look at it. Even if you decide to scramble your eggs, forgive yourself and fill your basket again. Give yourself another opportunity to succeed! How often do we remind each other that life is not a competition or race, but your very own journey.

Whatever your resolution may be, take a deep breath every single day and give it your best shot! Who knows it might turn out perfect, but if it doesn’t - don’t give up! Sometimes we fail (we all do, we are human) and doors will close only for new ones to open. Promise. It’s not the end. Try again!

So what do you say we relax this year baby girl?! Let’s find the joy in the 365 opportunities we get. Stress less and maybe sleep a little more ;). I wouldn’t be sad if you decided you were done with diapers either- just sayin'.

Whatever this year holds for you and us, we have 365 opportunities to make it work to truly be what we want.


Happy New Year Addie!

Bring on 2019!