Everyone has questions, here are some of the most common, but I definitely want to chat more with you.

Q: What is a documentary style session? What are we supposed to do?
My style of capturing your family means no posing and no props. It is my goal to capture your family and your moments in your environment, wherever that is, just as it is and just as you are. You should be yourself and do something your family would normally do. Sometimes I quietly observe and other times I will join in on the family fun. Think of me as a friend that has just come to visit for the day.

Q: How long is our session?
I offer different types of sessions. You can choose to do a part of your day or your entire day for family sessions. Newborn and hospital sessions are typically 1 to 2 hours long. If we are spending time together with your newborn in your home it will be a little longer - I don't like to rush these sessions. Birth sessions are anyone's guess - I arrive when active labour begins and stay for 1-2 hours afterward to get all the "firsts".

Q: Where will we shoot?
I shoot both in your home and "on the town" - whether it is your home, your backyard or your favorite play place we need to be where your family is most in your element. Where would you normally be on a Saturday afternoon? The environment can add to your family's story with details in the background that are important to you and enrich the memory when you look back on it.

Q: What should we wear?
Good news! No new outfits or hours of trying to match and coordinate your family. That is not the way you dress everyday and that is not the way you should dress for our time together. Just go to your closet and pull something out. Everyone should wear something they love. Your kids' favorite shirt can only add to who you are as a family right now.

Q: What about my house, its far from spotless? Won't it be in the pictures?
My house isn't spotless either - who has time for that? Treat it as if your friends are visiting (not your in-laws) and don't stress. Yes the house will be in the background but if a spotless house is not your family's story then embrace your life in all its beauty and chaos. An unmade bed can show the super hero sheets that are well loved.

Q: Can we have some traditional portraits too?
If this is something you would like to do please let me know. We can spend a few moments during your session capturing these for you. You will be surprised how many relaxed family portraits you will receive in your package from throughout your day.

Q: Is it possible to customize our session and/or our packages?
Yes! If none of my packages fit your needs we can certainly find a way to create a collection that fits your family.

Q: What if I have to cancel?
Your session fee is non-refundable. If you cancel more than 7 days before your sessions, the retainer may be transferred to a session at a future date. If you cancel less than 7 days before a session, I reserve the right to retain the full amount for that time I set aside for your family.