The Rusted Lens is proud to now offer Moments in Motion. 

Your story in film. Capturing the sounds, the movement and the beauty of this life, forever - on video.




It all started when...

I saw some beautiful heart felt story telling films from an amazing artist in Australia. I was mesmerized by how it captured a snippet of real life. Just an ordinary day but I was struck by how the little voices, the sounds, the special moments were captures as little time capsules for those families. I envisioned this for my own little ones. I suddenly knew I had to learn for myself - for my future self - for the mom I would be as my babies graduate college and get married. I wanted to forever be able to hear my two year old's baby voice saying "mommy" or my 5 year old with his infectious laughter that ripples through our home. I wanted to save it all FOREVER now before it changes and I want to do this for every stage in our lives.

I know you can relate. I know you catch your self in those rare moments you have to pause savoring the sounds of your home, the giggles, the sweet voices... the love that echoes in your home and in your heart. With these new storytelling sessions you can have both video and still images to hide away for those days when you need to remember, when you want to remember and when you want to share.

Find out more about these unique sessions today.